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Firewatch Xbox 360

Firewatch is a first person adventure video game developed by Campo Santo and published by Panic for Microsoft Windows, OS X, Linux, and PlayStation 4. It was the debut video game by Both companies. Firewatch Follows the story of a fire lookout in the aftermath of the Yellowstone fires of 1988.
Adolescent girls are missing. Fearing an investigation, Delilah falsified reports to say that she and Henry met the girls. At the lake the next day, Henry discovers a radio and a clipboard with notes, including transcripts of his conversations with Delilah. He then knocked out by an unseen assailant. He wakes up to find the clipboard and radio disappeared. In a meadow called on the header of the clipboard, it is a search area government fenced off. He broke and discovered surveillance equipment and typed reports detailing his conversations and Delilah and privacy. He also discovered a tracking device which he takes with him.
Henry and Delilah discuss destroy the government’s court, but decided against it. As Henry walks home, someone set fire to the camp. It uses the tracking device to find a backpack with a key to the cave. Delilah reported a figure in the tower of Henry; when Henry arrives, he finds a Walkman taped to the door with a record incriminating discussion of Henry and Delilah destroy the government’s court.
When Henry enters the cave, someone locks the door behind him. It escapes by another
exit and discovered the former hideout of Brian, where he went to escape his father when he tried to teach her to ride. It goes further into the cave using climbing equipment left at Brian Camp, and discovered the mummified body of Brian in a cave. Delilah is shocked by the news, blame themselves for allowing Brian to stay.
The next day, the fire in the government camp has grown out of control and emergency evacuation order is given to all viewpoints. As Henry prepares to leave, the monitoring device starts beeping. It follows the signal and discovers a tape with a record of Ned. Ned claims in the band that the death was accidental Brian, and the boy fell due to the escalation inexperience. Refusing to return to the company after the death of Brian, Ned admits that he lived in secret in the desert since. He announces that he goes deeper into the Shoshone to find a new campground and Henry should not follow. Henry found the camp of Ned, as well as objects stolen in the government’s court, watchtowers, and girls, confirming Delilah were found safely. The government side has simply studied wildlife; Ned used his radio equipment to ensure that no one was looking for him and create transcripts to scare away Henry. Delilah Ned blame for the death of Brian and leaves on the helicopter, said Henry to return to his wife. It will in turn, where the rescue helicopter is waiting for him, and he and Delilah say farewell by radio.
During the credits, images taken by the player through the disposable camera are displayed, as well as some pictures of Ned and Brian.

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