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Sonic Forces PS3

As with Sonic Team’s previous main series title, Sonic Generations, the game will contain two variants of Sonic the Hedgehog: Classic Sonic, the design featured more prominently in Sega’s Sonic games for the Sega Genesis, and Modern Sonic, his revised form that was first introduced in Sonic Adventure.[1] In the game’s story, series antagonist Doctor Eggman has successfully conquered the world, with his giant robotic sentries laying waste to cities to further his conquest, and the two Sonics, aided by a resistance force, must unite to end Eggman’s reign.[2][3] Other characters, such as Tails, Knuckles, Amy and the Chaotix, will make non-playable appearances in supporting roles, offering support and advice to Sonic via radio communication.[3]

Sonic Forces features similar gameplay to that of Sonic Generations: Modern Sonic’s stages are based around three-dimensional movement like that of Sonic Unleashed and Sonic Colors, with Sonic capable of using techniques such as boosting and the homing attack, while Classic Sonic’s stages will feature 2D-sidescrolling gameplay similar to the original Genesis titles. A currently unknown third playable character with their own gameplay style will also be featured.

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