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It’s been rumoured for years now, and if there’s a time to finally implement dynamic weather in FIFA, it’s now! If EA do go down this path, it’s something they need to be very careful with because no one (and I mean no one) wants dramatic shifts in weather each and every game. But if EA can apply dynamic weather with a light touch, it could be game changing for the immersion and atmosphere of matches. How great would it be to see to see the light changing as the sun moves, or as clouds naturally obstruct it? The potential for screenshot eye candy alone is massive.

There are also issues with particular stadiums in the game which are universally disliked (San Siro) due to the harsh shadows cast by the structure of the ground, which can make playing with certain kits challenging. If there was a system which subtlety altered blazing sunshine to cloudy over the course of the 90 minutes, that transition alone would make playing on these grounds a bit more viable, as any lighting contrasts may not be present for the duration of the match.

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