Download Kirby Triple Deluxe – Nintendo3DS

Kirby Triple Deluxe Nintendo3DS

One night while Kirby is sleeping, a giant beanstalk called the Dreamstalk begins growing under Dream Land and carries various landmarks, including Kirby’s house and King Dedede’s castle, into the sky. When Kirby wakes up the next morning, he finds he is in a new land called Floralia, located high in the skies above Dream Land. Kirby makes his way to Dedede’s Castle and finds that the culprit behind the Dreamstalk is a six-armed, spider/tarantula-like being named Taranza, who has captured Dedede and trapped him in a prism made of light. Kirby ascends the Dreamstalk and gives chase after Taranza to rescue Dedede and set things right in Dream Land once more.

When Kirby finally reaches Taranza, the bug attacks Kirby using a brainwashed King Dedede. After an intense fight, Kirby is able to knock out King Dedede and frees him of his brainwashing. Taranza reveals that he has been working for Floralia’s Queen, the bee-looking Queen Sectonia, and that the Floralians planted the Dreamstalk in the hopes of summoning Dream Land’s hero to their aid. Mistakenly believing King Dedede to be that hero, Taranza kidnapped him on the orders of Queen Sectonia, who wants to use the Dreamstalk to take over Dream Land piece by piece. Queen Sectonia betrays Taranza for his failure, tossing him from the tower before turning her sights on Kirby.

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